Medusa Chthonic Chimes
Los Angeles Museum of Art (LAMOA) | LAMOA DS #8 by Alice Könitz | Round 2 as part of Display Systems of the Los Angeles Museum of Art
Commonwealth and Council 
Los Angeles, California

Installed in Los Angeles Museum of Art (LAMOA) Display System #8, the rocks are topped with abstractions of Medusa’s hair made from earthenware and porcelain ceramic hung with polished nickel modern chandelier chain. These more elaborate headdresses are a loving tribute to subterranean power as found in writhing snakes around and on top of Medusa's head. With its imagery influenced by Minoan and Cycladic drawings translated and distributed by womxn world wide, these sculptures with snakey headresses call upon the deep earth bound mysteries asking us all to ground and come back to terra firma. LAMOA is a collaborative project initiated by Alice Konitz.