Medusa Chimes
Art Basel Miami
Miami Beach, Florida

Installed within Alice Könitz’s Los Angeles Museum Of Art (LAMOA) Display System #7, Medusa Chimes celebrates female rage. This black and pink sculpture is made of bituminous coal and Himalayan salt crystals, all raw, mined from the earth and hung with brass chandelier chain to recalibrate Medusa’s story. They are her stone eyes themselves. Their very raw and pure materiality harken to her strength, bodily necessity and depth of character embedded within female honesty and intolerance of abuse. Women speaking truth to power and standing up to male domination are embraced by these eyes. Dialoguing with protection amulets in Greek folk culture—Mati and the idea of a Filakto—these chimes are hung and dialed into Medusa’s earthbound strength. She brings all infractors down to our shared earth. LAMOA is an ongoing collaborative project initiated by Alice Konitz.