Neither Liquid Nor Solid But Amorphous; differently ordered bodies flow under large stresses, creep or remain stationary under smaller stresses, and have complex, history-dependent behavior 
Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA)
Costa Mesa, California

Neither Liquid Nor Solid But Amorphous is an installation exhibited at the California-Pacific Triennial at Orange County Museum of Art (OCMA), comprised of three blown-glass vessels from sculpted clay forms.

The first vessel represents the past, made of red glass, iron, asphalt from parking lot section where the body of a former OCMA employee was found. The second glass is the present: yellow glass, brass plate, a section of reception desk removed with the gloves of museum employees. The third glass signifies the future, containing design plans for a new building and a newspaper article about a citizens’ petition against the new museum development plan. On the wall are framed letters to the wife of the employee that died in the OCMA parking lot in Spanish and English, along with a framed letter to museum director Todd Smith outlining demands for better support in the workplace.